Expertise - Precision - Quality

3 words representing our company

Our company is known for its exceptional expertise, unwavering commitment to precision and for delivering top-quality solutions to our clients


Swiss' Carb was founded by Pie Aeronefs to offer unparalleled composite solutions and projects.

Our company applies the unique and innovative Pie Aeronefs' approach to design and manufacture clients' projects.

We shape and give a new life to scrap materials thanks to the expertise in the latest aerospace technology, the precision and the compliance with the highest quality standards.


Our team

Our team work closely with our clients to satisfy their specific needs and provide them with customised solutions.

We constantly keep up with the latest technologies and innovations to guarantee the best solutions.

Our commitment to quality drives us to exceed our clients' expectations in terms of quality, delivery time, and overall satisfaction.

Providing people with the best customer experience is one of our most important goals.

We firmly believe that our highly skilled team, our expertise in composite materials and our commitment to excellence are crucial to accomplish our objectives.

If you are looking for starting an ambitious project, we are here to help you achieve it.